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Jack Lo Russo —
designer & engineer from Sydney, Australia.

Currently working on Design Systems at Atlassian.

Side projects and experiments

a Twitter bot that generates t-shirt designs

todochi: a to-do list and virtual pet in one

nootab: chrome extension for quick notes

a photo-first travel and lifestyle blog


“The Dark Web” — using the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature

SydCSS, Sydney, December 2019

One foot in both camps

InVision Design Exchange Conference, Sydney, October 2019

One foot in both camps — navigating a career as a Design/Dev hybrid

Design System Meetup, Sydney, September 2019

Watch on Vimeo

What is the Accessibility Tree? (Lightning Talk)

RORO (Ruby on Rails Oceania) Meetup, Sydney, February 2019

Inspecting the Accessibility Inspector

A11yBytes on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Sydney, April 2018

Watch on YouTube

Design Systems for Small Teams

Design System Meetup, Sydney, March 2018

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